Grass is a living, breathing plant! It takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, which is what is needed for the survival of mankind. It can be said that grass is our friend, while at the same time supplying a multi-use surface for us to enjoy daily.

Like most living things, grass needs nourishment and maintenance to remain healthy. That nourishment and maintenance can come in the form of grass feed (or fertilizer) correctly applied to the lawn.

The appropriate fertilizer applied during the proper seasons are key essentials to the nourishment of a lawn, so care should be exercised to employ the services of trained professionals such as Custer’s Landscaping for maximum results in caring for your lawn.

Most people see weeds as ugly and a nuisance. It can seem that weeds grow quickly and take over the area where they live creating a less-than-attractive state of affair. Equally, weeding can be labor intensive and a back breaking experience. Not to worry, the weeds will go (that is a fact), but when it comes to weed removal, we have you covered, so rest your back, and let us handle it.